Danny G.

Elk Springs - St. Paul Sober Living Colorado Oct 2013 - April 2014

"I moved into the Elk Spring Residence in Carbondale, CO on October 11th of 2013. During that time I learned a lot about myself, I learned what good work ethic is, and also a good foundation in order to progress in my Sobriety. I went to a couple different treatment centers, and the one that helped me the most was the St. Paul Sober Living House. It gave me the tools I needed in order to live life not in fear. The thing about St. Paul Sober Living is, they tell you the requirements, Which are, you have to be out of the house for 32 hours a week, either working a job, volunteering, or going to school. The next is that you have to meet with your sponsor and go to 3 AA, NA or different fellowships that support healthy living every week, and have a service position at least one of those meetings. I was nervous moving into a house with some buddies when I was leaving the SPSL house, but the rules and foundation of SPSL stuck with me. I now wake up every morning make my bed, make breakfast, clean up, and go out for the day, and make sure to hit my meetings and meet with my sponsor. The little things that my using life, didn’t allow me to do, I do now. I know it sounds a little corny, but these things are true and if you are reading this, that means I promote St. Paul Sober Living. If it wasn’t for the things SPSL taught me, I’m not sure where I would be at today."

Thank You SPSL