Meet our Staff

Dillon Helm

Program Manager

I was born in Oklahoma City and attended school at The College of Santa Fe in New Mexico.For a short time I also lived in Baltimore. I began to notice; wherever I lived my problems followed me. After 19 years of drinking and drug abuse I found myself in a horrible place facing some serious consequences.I heard about St Paul Sober Living though a family friend who knew someone who was working as a house manager at the time.I had been to treatment twice over those 19 years and I had an idea of what I needed to do. I had never followed through with recommendations. I was referred to The Harmony Foundation by another friend and found myself walking into treatment yet again and starting my road to recovery.

When I arrived at the house in Carbondale following my third treatment, I was welcomed by the staff and resident and quickly became part of the recovery community here. I found when I was doing what was suggested and fulfilling the requirements of the St Paul Sober Living program things got easier. During my time at St Paul sober Living I was able to learn how to live life and life’s terms and had enough support.When I made mistakes, I leaned from them. I decided to stay at St Paul Sober Living beyond the three-month commitment and not to rush to “get out” or “complete” the program. The rules and expectations of St Paul Sober Living were conducive to my life in early sobriety. I really needed the accountability.

After 6 months as a resident I was asked to help out at the house as a senior peer, which led to becoming a house manager. I really enjoy working with the residents and being a resource for them in the recovery community.

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