What should I bring with to the house and what is provided?

 All furnishings, cleaning supplies and house ware items are provided. Each house also has a shared computer with printer, wireless internet, cable TV and a land line phone with free long distance. We do have laundry machines on-site for residents to use. You will be responsible for your own groceries, as you do your own cooking of meals, bedding for a twin bed (sheets, blankets, pillows), towels, laundry detergent, and personal care items. You are able to have personal laptops and cell phones, but we ask that you use them in common areas and not as an isolation tool. Please do not bring any furniture, TV’s or desktop computers. If you are questioning whether or not you are able to have a certain thing at the house just ask! 

Am I allowed to have my vehicle?

Yes. We do require that all vehicles have valid insurance, up to date registration and that the driver has a valid driver’s license.

Am I allowed to have overnights outside the house?

Overnights are typically allowed two weeks after moving into the house and must always be pre-approved by staff. We also ask that if a resident is gone longer than one night that they check in with their house managers daily while they are out of the house and submit to drug testing upon returning.

How do I get involved with the fellowship of the sober community?

Getting involved in fellowship is very simple as long as you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone. By going to meetings and talking with people outside of your house you will soon find that it is easy to meet others, because they too are looking for the same fellowship you are. Lots of the people that are in this community are not originally from the area and went through the same thing you will when you get here and are they are happy to help you get connected just like someone else helped them. 

How old are the people I will be living with?

All of our homes have a wide range of ages starting at 18 years old. We like to have residents of all ages and stages in their recovery so that everyone has someone they can relate to, look up to and build life long friendships with. A primary focus of SPSL is to build unity within the house, so the residents are encouraged to do things together like going to meetings, skiing/snowboarding, cooking, sports or simply hang out at the local coffee shop. The residents do lots of fun activities together.