St. Paul Sober Living Story

St. Paul Sober Living got its start in June of 2001 with one men’s home on Juno Avenue in St. Paul. We were excited and fired up to do this right. Though we made some mistakes, we learned and improved quickly. It turned out that focusing on the unity of the group and promoting an accountable, supportive environment was the foundation of a great sober house. We knew we were fortunate to have such a large and active sober community here in St. Paul, and we felt it was our job to help our residents find their way in and get involved.  We knew it takes more than just going to meetings and maybe the bowling night once a month.  It is the relationships with others that are here with us and engagement with the entire community where we invest our time. We know from our own experience and from our alumni with sustained sobriety that it was these things which made all the difference.

I was told early on that getting sober was not about the drinking or using as much as it was about having a life and becoming the person you want to be. I have maintained these ideals as our core philosophy which makes SPSL about sober Living and not simply sober housing. We are constantly in the conversation about what works and we want real change. Eventually, we trust the process and ourselves and great things happen.

Chris Edrington – Executive Director