Meet our Staff

Lindsey Zitzow

Program Manager

I came to St. Paul in the fall of 2012 from Detroit Lakes, MN. After several inpatient treatment centers and a handful of outpatient programs, I still struggled to stay sober for any extended period of time. I needed help making the transition from treatment into the sober community. I discovered SPSL and joined the program in 2012.

My alcoholism brought many consequences; my family was suffering, my health was in crisis, I had no job, no license, and worst of all, no self worth. I was overwhelmed and on my own I was not getting anywhere. The support of the women in my house, the guidance from my house managers, and the introduction into the sober community gave me the chance to recover my life. I got a sponsor, I went to AA meetings, I got a job, and I had fun sober for the first time in years. The 9 months I spent at the Harrison House gave me the confidence and the opportunity to build a new life.

I recently left a job where I’d achieved some success to come work here at SPSL where I feel fortunate to do important work with our residents as they navigate the early months of recovery. I love that I interact directly with residents each day. The most profound impact on my sobriety has been creating connections with others who want a healthy, happy life. It’s a joy to help provide that for others. 

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