Meet our Staff

Jenna Larkin

Admissions Coordinator

I was born and raised in Minnesota. The first time I went to treatment was at the age of 18. It was hard staying sober at such a young age and for the next three years I cycled through many treatment centers and sober houses including St. Paul Sober Living. I was slowly killing myself and eventually in enough pain to seek a relationship with a higher power and give my recovery everything I had. I went back to sober living for 16 months and gained the tools and support needed to live in the real world from the community and other woman just like me. I am so grateful I am sober and have the life that I do today.

I am thrilled to be working at SPSL with a fun and supportive staff that truly care for each and every resident. I am proud to work in a place that teaches people in early recovery that they can stay sober and have fun doing it. It’s a miracle to watch each resident get adjusted to a new life of recovery and grow into the people they’ve always wanted to be.

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