Meet our Staff

Jasmine Rolfzen

Program Coordinator

I was born and raised in Minneapolis. My earliest memories are of doing everything to the extreme. When I started drinking and using drugs in high school, things went badly and quickly. I started using heroin shortly thereafter and it quickly took control of my life. Like most addicts, I was resistant to treatment at first and thought I could stop on my own. It didn’t take long before I realized that I wasn’t living life anymore, just maintaining a day to day existence. I checked myself into detox and than into The Retreat for their 28 day program. It was there that I learned what recovery was all about.

I took the advice of the staff go to sober living and moved into the SPSL Harrison house. I began to see amazing changes as I dedicated myself to the house and program. I got involved with the other women and made some great friends. Soon I was offered a position, as senior peer in the women’s Plus Program. I enjoyed being an example for the women and quickly became more invested in my role with the other women. I’ve since moved up to program manager and have even more involvement with the residents from their first day with us to their last. I spend my time maintaining a healthy, productive, and fun place to live for the women of SPSL.

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