Meet our Staff

Avery Delahanty

Program Manager

I started using when I was in high school where I was quick to try just about any substance I could find. Things got bad relatively quickly and those close to me could see it. They suggested I get help and when the consequences piled up I was broken enough to seek help. I went into treatment here in Minnesota and followed the suggestion to go to sober living afterwards. I didn’t go in with the intention to relapse but I also didn’t have the willingness to make changes. All of the tools were available to me I just decided not to use them.

I ended up in California where I was in a bad car accident as a result of a relapse. I realized I needed to change or the next step was death. I jumped into the program and did everything to the best of my ability. Things began to change for me, my whole inner world was reorganized which wasn’t an easy process but was so worth it. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by loving people who support me and encourage me to change.

I’m looking forward to returning the favor here at SPSL. Even before working for SPSL I would strongly encourage people to take advantage of all sober living offers. I learned a lot while I was in sober living and the experiences helped shape me into who I am today. I’m grateful that I’m able to share my experience with others and to connect with people in a real and positive way. Working alongside people who are learning how to live and grow together is an amazing adventure and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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