SPSL Model

We are a comprehensive sober living program combining our well-known sober-living model with integrated customizable case management for those transitioning from primary treatment, extended care or looking for a more structured environment than a standard sober house.

We worked with experts in the industry to design a proactive approach engaging each resident into the core of the recovery community through a productive routine, healthy activities, and a focus on group unity. 

  • Plus Level

    Our highly-structured initial 90-day program. Closely monitored and schedule-driven with a focus on establishing the crucial elements of a balanced weekly routine. All services are required at this level: Counseling, Scheduling, Transportation, Money and Medication Management.

  • Customized Level

    Planned transition to another home with a more self-directed schedule but still in a highly accountable and supportive environment. Core services transition to bi-weekly. Services may include: Counseling, Scheduling, Money and Medication Management.

  • Traditional Level

    Our well-known traditional sober living. Residents maintain a productive schedule with a focus on group unity and community engagement. Services at this level can be arranged as needed.

General SPSL Program Expectations:

  • Remain substance-free
  • Active participation in a 12-step program, including a mandatory number of meetings
    per week and proactive sponsorship
  • Maintain a reasonable schedule comprised of school, employment and/or volunteer work
  • Mandatory attendance at all house meetings
  • Compliance with all program rules and expectations such as curfew, chores, and participation with the group
  • Remain free of newly developed sexual or exclusive relationships for first 90 days
  • Show up, willing and interested in making real change